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Harriet Lazarus, MBA
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Phone - 609-842-0014
Fax - 609-842-0015

Funding Source
Funded by DentaQuest Oral Health 2014 Grant
Oral Health
NJ Oral Health 2014
Linking Preventative Oral Health and Primary Care

Connor’s mother didn’t expect to discuss oral health prevention at her child’s 12 month well visit. To mom’s surprise, the pediatrician discussed the use of a sippy cup, pacifier and suggested limiting sugary drinks and foods at mealtimes. The Pediatrician also performed a quick and easy fluoride varnish application to protect Connor’s teeth from future decay. At the end of the well visit, Connor’s mother knew how to keep her son’s teeth healthy and where to go for this first Dental appointment.

The opportunity to provide pediatric oral health assessments in Pediatric Practices throughout the state is happening more often. Pediatricians are in a unique position to provide preventive oral health services to young children as part of overall well health supervision within the patient centered medical home. For more information on Linking Preventive Oral Health and Primary Care training opportunities, contact us at 609-842-0014.

NJ/AAP and Oral Health Key Stakeholders are partnering with DentaQuest Foundation’s Oral Health 2014 Initiative on a grant to improve access to pediatric oral health care, especially for underserved children. Since 2012, the initiative have had the opportunity to creates a solid infrastructure that meets the oral health needs of children in New Jersey and strengthen cross-sector collaboration between pediatricians, primary care providers, parents, dentists, payers and other community and state partners to improve the quality and access of preventive oral health care for children in New Jersey.
As the leader of NJ’s growing Oral Health network, NJAAP initiated a dialogue to answer one critical question:

How we can work together so all children in New Jersey have access to preventive oral health starting at 6 month of age?
     • Building partnerships between pediatricians and pediatric dentists
     • Ensuring financial support/incentives for pediatricians to address preventive oral health
     • Educating/informing parents on timely and appropriate oral health care for their children

The initiative’s Oral Health Stakeholder Group is comprised by: NJ Dental Association, Advocates for Children of New Jersey , New Jersey Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, Monmouth & Ocean County Dental Society, Center for Health Care Strategies, NJ Department of Health, Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services - NJ FamilyCare, Medicaid Managed Care organizations and many other stakeholders working together on a shared vision: “To Increase access to preventive oral health services for children birth to 3 through collaborative impact of medical and dental partnerships and to improve utilization of payers and community resources”

OH Pediatric Champions                                           
Dental Champions  
 Cathy Ballance, MD, FAAP    Yasmi Crystal, DMD, FAAPD
 Janice Lichtenberger, MD      Sidney Whitman, DDS
 Nilay, Baxi, MD     Irvin Sherman, DDS, MScD
 David Krol, MD, MPH, FAAP
   Madeline Badalaty, DMD
     Max Sulla, DDS

If you would like to join NJAAP’s Oral Health Initiative, contact Juliana David, Program Director at 609.842.0014; jdavid@aapnj.org .

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