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Program Director

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Phone - 609-842-0014
Fax- 609-842-0015

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Funded by New Jersey Department of Health, Vaccine Preventable Disease Program
Immunization Resources
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Birth through 18 Years Old
Catch- Up
Adult Schedule, by Vaccine and Age Group

Easy-to-Read Schedules for All Ages
Infant & Children (0-6 years old)
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Addressing Vaccine Hesitancy - Authored by Commissioner O'Dowd
What's the Latest with the Flu - September 2014
National & State Immunization Resources
A Forgotten Pioneer of Vaccines
A Parent's Guide to Kid's Vaccines
AAP Immunization Website
AIC Vaccine Letter
ACIP releases interim 2013-‘14 influenza season recommendations
As The Facts Win Out, Vaccinations May, Too
Baby Shots (English)
Baby Shots (Spanish)
CDC Influenza Application for Clinicians and Health Care Professionals
CDC study: recommended vaccines for young children do not increase risk of autism
Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Vaccine Web Site
Cocoons are Not Only for Butterflies - Protecting Infants Against Pertussis
Don't take chances with your family's health...Vaccinate every year!
Editorial: Refusing vaccines affects everybody, not just your kid
Egg Allergy Update - NJDOH
Every Child by Two
Full vaccine schedule safe for kids, no link to autism
Health Alert (Novel H1N1 Flu) (English)
Health Alert (Novel H1N1 Flu) (Spanish)
Health care law delivers higher payments to primary care physicians
HPV Vaccine Myth Debunked
HPV Vaccine Does Not Increase Sexual Activity: Study
Immunization Action Coalition: Educational Print Materials
Immunization for Babies (English)
Immunization for Babies (Spanish)
Immunization Reminder/Recall Systems
Influenza-Associated Pediatric Deaths in Children with Neurologic Disorders - August 2012
Influenza Vaccination Practices of Physicians and Caregivers of Children with Neurologic and Neurodevelopmental Conditions — United States, 2011–12 Influenza Season
Measles Webinar Link
MMWR - Discordant Results from Reverse Sequence Syphilis Screening
Nationwide Rubella Epidemic — Japan, 2013
New Jersey Immunization Information System
NJDOH - Public Health Info: New Jersey Vaccine Preventable Disease Program offers resources to assist with school immunization requirements
NJIIS Interface Process Flow
NJIIS Provider Brochure
New Jersey Vaccine Preventable Disease Program offers resources to assist with school immunization requirements
Non-infected babies born to HIV mothers have reduced immunity to measles
‘The Panic Virus’
Parents Wary of Childhood Vaccines? Here’s How to Persuade Them
Pentacel, Daptacel and Pediarix Shortages: Guidance for Vaccinating Children
Prevent the spread of colds and flu!
Reliable Sources of Immunization Information
Resources for Educating Adult Patients about Vaccines
Slow Growth in HPV Shots for Girls Requires Physician Action
STFM Group on Immunization Education
Teen Vaccinations Found to Be Increasing As Recommended - August 2012
Three Cases of Congenital Rubella Syndrome in the Postelimination Era
The Resurgence of Affliction Measles: The Current Situation
Vaccine Requirements for Child Care/Preschool in NJ
Varicella Death of an Unvaccinated, Previously Healthy Adolescent
What if you don't immunize your child? (Brochure)
What to do..after the shots (English)
What to do..after the shots (Spanish)
Why So Many Parents Are Delaying or Skipping Vaccines
Without Vaccines, Hundreds of Children in Pakistan Have Died From a Measles Epidemic
With Success of HPV Vaccine, Officials Hope More Get Girls Vaccinated