New Jersey Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics
3836 Quakerbridge Road
Suite 108
Hamilton, NJ 08619

Phone: 609-842-0014
Fax: 609-842-0015

Elliot Rubin, MD, FAAP
Chapter President

Fran Gallagher, MEd
Executive Director

Harriet Lazarus, MBA
Deputy Director

Bert Mulder
Director, Membership & Events

Work Culture
As a member of the NJ PCORE Team, I embrace …

Professionalism encompasses respect for others, communication in a positive manner, a value for each team member’s role, and an appreciation for their diversity. Therefore, I will behave in a professional manner when interacting with other team members and stakeholders within and outside the organization. My professional behavior is exhibited by my integrity, work ethic, respectful interactions, ownership, and responsibility.

On a daily basis, I am committed to being supportive and to encourage others. I’m aware of the importance of this in the PCORE environment and see its value in strengthening our team.

As a Team, we commit to …

We create a cohesive working environment that promotes team harmony, cooperation, dependability and good work ethic. Trustworthiness is a vital core element of a high performing successful team. Trustworthiness is characterized by open honest communication, reliability, and respect for team members.

We respect sharing and learning about each others work (cross pollination) through all areas of team performance. We are willing to respect team members’ personal styles and interactions with each other to ensure successful outcomes. 
Adopted June 11, 2008 by the PCORE Team