New Jersey Chapter
American Academy of Pediatrics
3836 Quakerbridge Road
Suite 108
Hamilton, NJ 08619

Phone: 609-842-0014
Fax: 609-842-0015

Elliot Rubin, MD, FAAP
Chapter President

Fran Gallagher, MEd
Executive Director

Harriet Lazarus, MBA
Deputy Director

Bert Mulder
Director, Membership & Events

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network
The Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, Inc. (SPAN) empowers families, professionals, and other individuals interested in the well-being and educational rights of children. We work towards this goal by providing information, training, technical assistance, support and the exchange of ideas. SPAN’s special commitment is to those children with the greatest need due to disability, poverty, discrimination based on race, sex, or language, or other special needs. SPAN’s goal is to enable all children to become fully participating and contributing members of society. SPAN’s multifaceted program is carried out by a bilingual, multiracial staff of parents of children with and without disabilities.


SPAN Resources for Families:
RX4NJ: Subsidized Prescription Medicines: RX4NJ is a program that can help NJ residents with limited incomes and no health insurance get free or substantially discounted brand-name prescription medicines. It is organized by the HealthCare Institute of NJ, a trade group representing 21 pharmaceutical and medical device companies. www.rx4nj.org

Immunizations: Immunizations are among the best protection your children can have. Schedules have changed in recent years - besides those for very young children, there are new ones recommended for teenagers. Talk to your children's doctor or go to www.cdc.gov/nip/recs/child-schedule.htm to see the most current schedule.

Meals/Family Meals: Maybe you already eat well or maybe this is the year you would like to plan healthier meals for your family. Involve your children in choosing foods and helping to prepare meals. Visit www.fns.usda.gov/tn/resources/nibbles/family_meals.pdf

Family Activities: Think about activities that will get your whole family moving. Try to build in regular times to take walks, play catch, swim - activities everyone will enjoy. For ideas that will work for your family's interests and time, visit www.verbnow.com